Be kind because kids are watching

This is for the school district administrators who remained silent as I fought last spring for my professional life. I lost, partly because of a principal who added me to the list of teachers she bullied over the years and partly because I insisted on being “nice,” on not making a scene.  The end of my […]

How Satisfied are Lincoln Middle School Teachers, Compared to Other Teachers? (2013-2014 school year)

What percentage of teachers are satisfied with their teaching, learning, and working environment? Lincoln Middle School: 71.9% Carter Middle School: 96.6% Battleground Middle School: 90.5% Author and editor’s note: The reports and the numbers are real. They are from school profiles posted on the school district’s Website and on the Websites of individual schools in […]


This is a work of creative nonfiction. I have recreated events and conversations from my memories of them and from hundreds of pages of emails and official documents created by school administrators, district officials and investigators. To  maintain the privacy of the child who falsely accused me of physical abuse, I changed the names of […]